Police vest with protection upgrades




  • Overgarment vest with front opening and external appearance of a normal uniform vest. Additional protection with the use of shoulder, yoke and lower abdomen protectors. The basic protective inserts can also be used in covert vests.
  • The protective panels have an ergonomic cut so that typical police movements are not hindered.  3D cut line for improved comfort. 
  • Considerable enlargement of the protective area in critical zones is obtained by the addition of the shoulder yoke and the lower abdomen protectors.
  • Water-resistant and highly durable polyamide 6.6 outer cover, with COOLMAX on the body side.
  • The protective panels are sealed in a waterproof envelope for protection against humidity, UV-light and mechanical stress.



  • 72 standard men's sizes.
  • 72 standard women's sizes.
  • Special sizes on request.

Farben & Varianten

  • Standard colour black or dark blue.
  • Further colours on request.


  • The vest shown in the illustration provides basic protection as per SK1.
  • Mehler has more than 500 TR, NIJ and CAST certified protective attachments.