DIODON – Ballistic vest with integrated flotation / Model MI-1211-104

Light weight body armour overt vest offering best comfort during long missions.

With side and shoulders opening. It consists of a two-panel design with rear/front with expandable elastic side adjustments and a maximum area of MOLLE attachments on front, back and sides.

The Floatation chamber is integrated behind the ballistic protection and ideally protected mechanically. The Floatation has an integrated pressure release for waist & chest when inflated. All materials selected are for special marine environment (protection against salt, water & hydrocarbons).

Available Buoyancy is170N or 300N (EN/ISO 12402 components), automatic inflation with on/off mode and twin chamber in option. It furthermore is equipped with the following integrated equipments: automatic inflator with membrane, water active light, whistle, mouth tube with over pressure valve and dump valve for quick deflation (training or emergencies).  

The vest can be made with an integrated Quick release system as well: either for total vest release or fast deflation.

The product is available in different sizes, colors and protection levels.

For further information please feel free to contact us directly.

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