Protective extension for covert vests




  • Modular neck/shoulder yoke and lower abdomen protection for Mehler covert vests and waistcoat type vest. 
  • Easy-to-fit additional protective area for neck, shoulders and lower abdomen. Large arm guard for covering the sides of the body, even when the arms are stretched out..
  • Spontaneous expansion of the protective area in critical deployment situations. The protective area is more than doubled.
  • Top material made of durable PA woven fabric.
  • The protective panels are sealed in a waterproof envelope for protection against humidity, UV-light and mechanical stress.


  • One size fits all.
  • Further sizes on request.

Farben & Varianten

  • Standard colour black.
  • Further colours and flame-retardant version on request.


  • The ballistic elements are equipped with SK1 protective panels.
  • Mehler has more than 500 TR, NIJ and CAST certified protective attachments.